wooden blocks and bag to keep them in
wooden blocks forming ship
wooden blocks building palace
wooden blocks forming train
overhead view of all the  blocks
detail of stacked blocks

Wooden Blocks Set -small 🇺🇦

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Wooden blocks - wooden toy for amazing children. Creative and imaginative thinking, fine motor skills and balance, imagination and faith in his/her strengths – these are the things that this toy can give to your child.

◆ 86 wooden blocks in 5 shapes

◆ minimalistic design and simplicity of shapes that opens the space for imagination

◆ safe and durable Wooden Blocks made from beech, maple and walnut, which does not contain varnishes and paints

◆ appropriate for ages 3 years and older

lislis Wooden block creates the necessary foundation for the child's comprehensive development; it contributes to the formation of creative and logical thinking, the sense of beauty, imagination and adroitness, attention and purposefulness. When playing, kids develop the coordination of movements, inventiveness and logic. Such games extend the child’s understanding of the interaction of shape, size, space. You can choose to play with your child or let him/her invent own stories.

proudly made in Ukraine 🇺🇦

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