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Space Kids: an introduction for young explorers (6-10yrs)

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Space is all around us, but how much do we know? Where do we even begin... Space Kids is the building block upon which children can learn about our universe. Covering topics such as stars, planets, moons, and rockets as well as the basics of gravity and how astronauts eat and sleep in space, Space Kids moves through complex ideas with an accessibly fresh and original style. Andre De Santis’ beautifully rendered illustrations spark the imagination whilst Steve Parker’s simple text brings a sense of awe to the biggest of topics. Not only does Space Kids teach young astronauts about space but it also serves as a reminder about how special we are on planet Earth. This little corner in the vast universe is host to an abundance of life and the most spectacular is the tiny human who is holding this very book. A must-have introduction for any budding young scientist.

Learn about our stars, the planets, rockets an astronauts in this vibrant introduction to space that will inspire wonder in the universe life and the world around us. 


  • Hardcover : 40 pages
  • 6-10 years

    • Andrea de Santis & Steve Parker
    • Little Gestalten Books

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