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Soft Mask Case

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The mask case, which can be folded in half and carried around, is made of soft PVC sheet that is also used for notebook covers, so you can easily store it in your bag by taking advantage of the soft material!

Two pockets where you can put your mask in without creating creases. The first ``single-opening pocket'' is for quick access even when you're busy, and the second ``
single-opening pocket'' is for items you want to store securely. It's a good idea to keep a new mask, disinfectant wipes, etc.♪

Furthermore, the pockets of the mask case are treated with antibacterial treatment, so
you can store used masks and new masks hygienically. So you can rest assured.
Because the mask is placed directly on your mouth, it's a bit uneasy to leave it on your desk...This case will help you maintain cleanliness and relieve your worries.
  • Size (unfolded): Width 220 x Height 195mm (folded): Width 110 x Height 195mm
  • Material: Soft PVC sheet *Pockets are antibacterial treated
  • Number of pockets: 2
  • Country of origin: Japan