• Reader's Passport (6-12years)
  • Reader's Passport (6-12years)
  • Reader's Passport (6-12years)

Reader's Passport (6-12years)

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The Reader's Passport is a notebook of activities that aims to be a tool to stimulate reading just when kids begin to read independently, at the same time that it allows to maintain the reading moment between parents and children. That is why we think this is a product adapted to kids from 6 to 12 years old. The Passport includes different activities and suggestions to wake up a passion for books.

All children love to hear stories, but the moment when we have to start to read independently is decisive : either we will become book devourers or we will lose interest in reading. That is why this moment of first autonomous readings is so important and it is for this reason we thought of creating this product.

Moreover, it is a proposal to help the child to establish connections with other people and with the world around him or her, expanding the reading experience beyond the book itself, and encouraging the growth of critical and autonomous thinking.

The Reader's Passport is part of the Memorable Editions, a small collection of Cards and Passports designed to record and value some of the most important episodes in children's life. Experiences such as the first bicycle, the fall of the first tooth, the first independent readings that will mark our love for reading, or the memory of some trips or holidays that we will always remember. Like all the the Me&Mine products, the Memorable Editions collection seeks to encourage the complicity between children and grown-ups, favoring moments of exchange of experiences and emotions.

Activity Notebook. Memorable Editions.

Measurements: 13.5 x 21 cm
36 pages
FSC certified paper

from 6 to 12 years old