Stardust Nee Doh
purple glittery nee doh ball being squeezed by a hand
purple needoh in box
red glittery nee doh ball
blue glittery nee doh ball
purple glittery nee doh ball

Stardust Nee Doh

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The Groovy Glob of gratifying galactic goo with shimmering sparkles of sublime stardust it’ll help you mellow out and find inner peace and tranquility. Feeling stressed and on edge? You knead Nee Doh. Give it a squeeze, a squish, a pull or a smush, it’ll sooth your soul and get you feeling groovy fast. Filled with a mysterious, completely child safe, environmentally friendly, jelly-like compound, it’s strong, durable and won’t break open; always returns to its original shape

  • Hypoallergenic and completely safe and non-toxic, it contains no BPA, phthalates or latex; cleans easily with soap and water
  • A great fidget toy; helps promote focus, attention and centering, a great gift for ages 3+

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