Necklace Renard Silver
Necklace Renard Silver

Necklace Renard Silver

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Fox necklace, the friend of the little prince in solid 999 recycled silver on a long rayon link. Handcrafted by Tuareg artisans in Niger. 

  • Weight: 1.4g
  • Material: Solid 999 recycled silver
  • The Ombre Claire silver is recycled, every time the silver melts the impurities in the metal melt and the silver purify itself that is why our metal is so pure and so clear

Ombre Claire is a french brand that creates ethical accessories by creating meaning and woven links. Objects to offer to those we love, to collect, a pleasure for oneself, an alliance to unite. Ombre Claire creations travel and tell stories. Jewelry that craftsmen in the middle of the Sahara make with their hands from drawings made in the heart of Paris, after a bike ride in the rue de Belleville or a break in the Jardin des Plantes while dreaming of the high seas. 

 Durable jewelry in recycled sterling silver, bronze or ebony that can be passed on from generation to generation, that will age with us, that we can adjust and repair over the years. They imagine jewels to make known a culture and a know-how, to travel, to see the dunes and the sun hidden in a sandstorm, to invent a joyful and sensitive fashion and to maintain the link with the Tuareg craftsmen who constantly enchant us by their poetry and their technical prowess. They love the colors of Matisse, dancing to the songs of Tinariwen and Patti Smith and dreaming to the ballads of Sufjan Stevens or in front of a Pina Bausch show. They wish to share our values with you, their greatest wealth!

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