glass fog globe with golden gate brige inside
fog globe showing all of the glitter when shook
close up of golden gate bridge in fog globe
view when glitter settles inside golden gate bridge fog globe

Fog Globe

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Let it fog! Celebrate San Francisco with a Golden Gate Bridge fog globe. This charming take on a traditional snow globe is an affectionate tribute to one of San Francisco's most recognizable sights: the iconic International Orange Golden Gate Bridge enveloped by clouds of swirling grey fog. Each fog globe is carefully hand-crafted and unique, featuring a miniature Golden Gate Bridge model cast from resin and meticulously hand-painted. Sparkling silver glitter evokes the beauty of our beloved and ever-changing fog.

Did You Know?

Mounted at mid-span and the south tower pier, bridge fog horns have been guiding ships safely through the perilous Golden Gate Strait and into San Francisco Harbor since 1937. The fog at San Francisco's Golden Gate is legendary. this classic globe features minute grey sparkles that swirl and envelope the Golden Gate then make for a slow bridge reveal. a very beautiful (and popular) piece!

  • A Parks Conservancy original
  • Designed and developed in San Francisco
  • Measurements (globe): 4.5" tall x 3.5" diameter
  • Measurements (box): 5.5" tall x 4.75" wide x 4.75" deep
  • Materials: polyresin base with glass globe
  • Manufactured in China

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