five pairs of different color, plastic doll shoes
pink doll shoes
green doll shoes
blue doll shoes
white doll shoes
orange doll shoes
chold putting blue shoes on doll
pink doll shoes on pink bed
child putting white shoes on doll
green shoes on pink bed
child holding up orange doll shoes over doll

Dinkum Doll Shoes

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The Dinkum Doll Shoe MiPack, because sometimes it’s hard to choose! 

This is an instant Dinkum Doll wardrobe update and hours of play in the making for kiddos and their Olli Ella Dinkum counterparts.   

Made from Biodegradable PVC and packaged in the sweetest shoebox you’ll ever see these shoes tread lightly so that they can walk the world many times over.  

Colors to choose:

  • Mallow Pink  
  • Basil Green  
  • Heron Blue  
  • Cream 
  • Corn Yellow  

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