red heart earrings with a rainbow within them.
pink ice cream cone earrings with sprinkles and a cherry on top
A little girl wearing the icecream earrings
little blue, yellow and pink striped bon-bon earrings.
white bunny earrings
blue poscicle earrings in the shape of bears.
one earring is a white piece of toast with a red heart on belly and the other is an egg. Both have litte faces.
potted cactus earrings with a face and pink flower
chocolate donut earrings
rainbow earrinds with clouds that have a little face on them
Blue koala earrings
a burger earring and a french fry earring
white llama earrings weraing a yellow and blue blanket with a little blue bow beneath ear.
sunny side up egg earrings with little faces
pinapple earrings with little faces and purple bows
red and pink cherry earrings with little faces
pink kitty earrings with pink bow and blue flowers
white kitty earrings with burgandy stripes
peppermint lollipops
white unicorn earrings with pink and lavendar accents
black and wite panda lollipop earrings wearing a red bow
black and white penguin earrings
pepperoni pizza aerrings with a little face
brown sloth earrings hanging from a branch
pig face earrings
one chocolate donut earring and one white cupcake earring
hamburger earrings with ears and sleeping eyes
unicorn earrings
white cupcake earrings with cherries in a blue wrapper
one cactus earring a nd one llama earring
turtle earrings
hot dog earrings with a smiling face
blue dog earrings
pink cat wearing a red bow earrings
pink sparkly narwal earrings
pink octopus earrings
sparkling fish and seashell earings
smiling avocado stud earrings
smiling green frog stud earrings
red and white fox head earrings
sitting red and white fox stud earrings
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted
Cutie Studs -assorted

Cutie Studs -assorted

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The Cuties Collection celebrates your child and her favorite foods, animal friends and fancies with a colorful collection of darling earrings.

Quality tested, hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free

Give her grown-up quality while maintaining her childhood sweetness with this precious collection; for ages 5 and older.

Bunny, Rainbow Heart, Bear Popsicle, Bon Bons Candy, “The Perfect Pair” -Breakfast Faves, Bear Donut, Cactus Flower, Chocolate Donut, Cloud with Rainbow , Cute Koala, Fast Food , Glama Llama, Happy Sunny Side Up, Kawaii Pineapple, Kawaii Cherry, Kitty Bloom, Kitty Sweet, Lovely Lollipop, Magical Unicorn, Narwhal Pink, Obedient Octopus, Panda Popsicle, Personable Penguin, Pizza Pizzazz, Playful Sloth, Precious Pig, Strawberry Ice Cream Cone, "the Perfect Pair" -Sugar Rush, Un-Burger-lievable, Unicorn Dreams, Whipped Cream Cupcake, “The Perfect Pair” Chocolate Milk, “The Perfect Pair” Stick Together, Turtley Awesome

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