• Colorful Bear Tumbler
  • Colorful Bear Tumbler
  • Colorful Bear Tumbler

Colorful Bear Tumbler

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Colorful Bear Tumbler.

A stainless steel tumbler with a vacuum double structure that maintains a delicious temperature. The design of "colorfullbear" is a fun design with a bear drawn in a gentle touch and pop colors. The colors of blue, red, beige, and cream give it a stylish look, making it a ``cute adult'' tumbler that doesn't look too childish.

It has excellent heat and cold retention properties, and does not easily condense even when filled with cold drinks, so you can rest assured that your table will not get wet even when you spread out documents! Even if you fill it with hot drinks, you can safely hold it with your bare hands without worrying about getting burned. Great for studying, reading, working, hobbies, etc

  • made of metal
  • do not microwave