Clip On Cutie Earrings -assorted


Girl Nation's popular Cutie Earrings now come in Clip-on! 

Clip-on is transparent and made out of a soft, non-slip silicone, so it is gentle on little ears.

Loosen earrings by gently stretching the flexible clip-ons.  Careful to not apply too much pressure.
Hypoallergenic, Nickel & Lead Free

Intended for children ages 5 and up.

Kawaii Avocado, Cloud with Rainbow, Pizza Pizzazz, Magical Unicorn, Pink Tulip, Peppy Blue Puppy, Kawaii Pineapple, Shell-abrate, Personable Penguin,  White Tweeheart, Ladybug, Happy Skies Cloud, French Fry Friends, Taco, Happy Sunny Side Up, Un-Burger-lievable, Precious Pig, Friendly Fox, Playful Sloth, Cute Koala, Obedient Octopus, Chocolate Donut, Strawberry Ice Cream Cone, Whipped Cream Cupcake, Narwhal Pink, Kitty Pink, Glitter Rabbit

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