3-d paper puzzle piece animals
toucan, seal and lion before pieces punched out
lion, elephant and monkey characters
bear, bunny and fox
deer, elephant, lion and alligator
animal characters put on shelf with other characters
box of animal parade

Animal Parade 3D Puzzle -Ingela Arrhenius

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Completely irresistible 3-D puzzles designed by Ingela P Arrhenius. A beautiful tribute to the most outstanding artists in history. Each box contains 12 cards of 9x10 cm with pieces that are disassembled when pressed, and that are joined to create each one of the figures.

Why should children have all the fun when it comes to plates, cups, toys and other bits and bobs? Put these figures anywhere You want to have fun!

Material: Foam and covered with cardboard. No need to use scissors or glue for assembly. Not suitable for small children due to small parts. Also because some
designs are not so easy to put together, so it takes an older child or
an adult to assemble this product.

made by OMM

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