A Song About Myself (6-9yrs)


A poem by John Keats 
Illustrated by Chris Raschka

Gr 3 Up—Just about 200 years ago, Keats left his home in London to traipse through the hills of Scotland with a friend, hoping for inspiration. After a 20-mile sojourn, he wrote a letter to his sister, Fanny, in which he included a lighthearted ditty—"a song about myself." The four verses tell of a naughty boy who packs a backpack and leaves home "and followed his Nose/To the North/To the North/And follow'd his nose/To the North." While Keats himself did not take this poem too seriously—he wrote it more as an exercise than a finished piece—it is quite accessible to young readers. Furthermore, Raschka's whimsical watercolors are childlike and lively, depicting simple houses and trees and the red-capped young man enjoying nature. A thick brushstroke of color divides each page, actually an upward arrow at the conclusion of each verse; the final stanza concludes with an arrow that points straight ahead. The endpapers feature a map of the New York City coastline and the Scottish isles separated by "MUCH WATER." Students can write their own playful poems about themselves, rhyming or not, after reading this delightful picture book. VERDICT A lovely introduction to this romantic poet that will please readers of any age.—Barbara Auerbach, New York City Public Schools


  • Hardcover : 40 pages

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