3 Story Disk Box -to use with Storybook Torches
cats with flashlight and horn
birds riding on fox
mouse riding on broomstick
dressed duck with flashlight
hippo and lion with flashlight
circus conducter and duck wearing hat
toucan with flashlight
wizaed owl and mouse with flashlight

3 Story Disk Box -to use with Storybook Torches

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Beloved storybook torches for amazing bedtime stories! Now it has never been so easy to collect them all...As many parents (and kids) fell already in love with this original storytelling concept, you'd love the possibility to buy refills without having buying the lamp again. This small storybook torch that projects shadows on the ceiling will make you live great adventures at the whim of the imagination with the whole family! 

Let your child develop both their cognitive skills of creativity and imagination, they can become whoever they want, create their own world, and explore freely to infinity! Discover all the storybook torches and refills to spend great family moments or between friends! 

Choose From: Les Moustaches, le Voyage D'Olga, Il Était Une Fois, La Grande Famille, Les Papoum, Les Histoires Du Soir (Circus), Dans la Jungle, or Il Était une Fois

  • The price is for one box with three disks.
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 cm.
  • Suitable from 4 years old.


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