the tantrum touch

  • curiously good toys

    To bring you the world’s best play things (and the party’s best gift), we curate from around the globe.

  • a mom-and-pop shop

    It doesn't get any more literal than this. (we were even high school sweethearts!)

  • free gift wrap & free local delivery

    Let us take care of the wrapping, and in San Francisco, we’ll even bring it to your home.


some might say risking it all on a family-owned toy shop is crazy,

and they wouldn't be entirely wrong. But we're here for the ones who believe in a little bit of magic, who still fancy a hand-wrapped gift, who dare to imagine and who keep chasing fun the old-school way. 

Inspired by the never-ending energy of our own kids, we envisioned creating a shop that captured the simple joys of childhood. We leaned into the inspiration of classic children's books, mid-century design and the nostalgia of classic toys to create a shop that feels like a game of hopscotch and tastes like cotton candy. In 2012, we opened a brick and mortar in our new city of San Francisco, even if we hung our sign up backward the first time.

If you're in the city (or at least the Richmond), chances are you've spotted our trusty delivery truck, Boggsworth, making its rounds to deliver those last-minute gifts (we're here for the procrastinators!). It may seem a little over the top to offer hand-wrapped gifts on the house or free same-day delivery in San Francisco, but to us, you can't put a price tag on carefree fun, the rewards of giving back to your community and the long-lost art of shop making.

all in good fun,


amanda & richard

  • i’m the illustrator (and the buyer and brand visionary)

    • a game i’ll win every time:
    • air hockey
    • favorite children’s book:
    • where the sidewalk ends
    • how many cats is too many cats?
    • not 4 - definitely not 4
    • what did you want to be when you were little?
    • an art teacher, mother and ballet dancer
  • i’m the bass player (and the one taking care of our customers and employees)

    • all time favorite band (or song):
    • nick cave and the bad seeds
    • i’m an expert:
    • de-escalator
    • in a game of galaga, who wins?
    • me
    • favorite spot in san francisco:
    • pacific overlook in the presidio