Tattoos Black Animals
Tattoos Black Animals

Tattoos Black Animals

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Founded in 2016, Petit Monkey from the Netherlands is a children's home brand full of children's and dreams. The brand is inspired by the colorful children's universe. It is famous for its bright colors and works with many talented artists. The products include exquisite products. Hand-painted wood furnishings, cute lighting, personalized school bags, bamboo fiber cutlery, fun board games, and a childlike design give children a big smile.

There are 2 sets of back tattoo stickers, which are very suitable for brothers and sisters or good friends to play cool transfer stickers. Desisigner Marieke Ten Berge. The department and the EU CE test are qualified, so you can rest assured that your child is safe.

Transfer tattoo stickers use:
1. Cut out the desired tattoo pattern
2. Remove the transparency
3. Lightly transfer the transfer sticker face down on the skin
4. Dampen the sticker with a damp cloth and gently press for 20 seconds to remove the backing paper.
5. Use baby oil or alcohol wet wipes to easily remove tattoo stickers, no residue, no skin damage

★Product Features

- Dermatology and EU CE safety inspection
- Easy transfer of full pattern
- Easy to clean and does not remain on the skin

★Product specifications
-Material: Low-sensitivity adhesive
-Applicable: 3 years old or older
- Product size: 22 x 14.3 cm
- Dutch design
- Do not use if the skin is sensitive to the transfer material
- Do not swallow

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