Vintage Lavender with Kitty Necklace -kid's (sm, med, lg)


Our non-medical masks follow the CDC guidelines. They are made with tightly woven 100%  cotton , and lined with  100% cotton flannel, for extra protection and comfort.  Materials have been pre-washed.

The ear loops are adjustable.

These measurements are approximate.

Adults - one size fits all

Length 5 7/8"

Width 9 1/8"

Kids- small, medium.,large

Dimensions: (Approximate)

Small - 2-3 yr olds

Length 4 "

Width 7 5/8 "

Medium: 4-6yr olds

Length 4 3/8"

Width 8 1/4"

Large: 7-10yr olds

Length 5 7/8"

Width 9"

Measure from ear to ear (between cheekbone and ear) over bridge of nose for width.

Measure from bridge of nose down to just under the chin (approximately 1/2 inch)

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