Monsters Happy Pack


The pack that’s scary fun is here so you can get creative with your monster pals and stay sharp while you do it. The delightful monster erasers have teamed up with the 12 monster graphite pencils and the mighty sharpener to help you scare away dull ideas and make some cool sketches and notes.

The fun has arrived with this team of creative monsters! The three monster erasers are fun on their own with their interchangeable mouths and arms. But if you want to get creatively serious, then you have the monster graphite pencils too. The 12 pencils have #2 graphite which is perfect for sketching or taking notes. And with the included Mighty Sharpener, you will never have dull tips and messy pencil shavings lying around either! Great as a simple gift or party favor to brighten someone’s day.

  • 3 Monster Erasers with interchangeable arms and mouths to mix and match
  • 12 Monster Graphite Pencilswith #2 graphite for sketching and jotting notes
  • Mighty Sharpener with 3 different sized holes to keep pencils sharp and contain the pencil shavings (color will vary)

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