Do You Know?: Space and Sky (5-8yrs)
Do You Know?: Space and Sky (5-8yrs)
Do You Know?: Space and Sky (5-8yrs)

Do You Know?: Space and Sky (5-8yrs)

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Why is the sky blue? How do astronauts breathe in space? What
is a lunar eclipse? Eager readers want to know, and they will
discover the answers to these questions and many more in this
new book in the Do You Know?TM series. Engaging facts and
answers to popular questions about the weather, the seasons, the
solar system, and rocket launches will encourage children to learn
more about the world beyond Earth. Explore the layers of the
Sun, trace the timeline of space travel, and find out how
astronauts prepare for their missions. Every Do You Know?TM
book includes labeled illustrations, thought-provoking information,
review sections, and an index of key terms.
Author Bio
Virginie Loubier worked as a game show editor before venturing
into the world of children's books. She has written numerous
game books, non-fiction titles, as well as cookbooks. She lives
near Toulouse, France.
Helene Convert was born in Nancy, France. She studied at the
Ecole Nationale Superieure of Art and Design and has illustrated
several titles for Editions Milan.
Cristian Turdera is an illustrator and designer who is known for
mixing drawings and elements of collage in his work. His work
appears in magazines, books, album covers, and animated films.
He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

8 x 9.5 • 80 pages

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