Coloring Without Borders: Coloring Book (3-9yrs)


A collaborative coloring book created to benefit our work to permanently end family separation and detention, seek accountability for the harm that's been done, and to immediately reunite all families that have been torn apart.

Coloring Without Borders is the culmination of work from artists all over the world who contributed pieces of art for children to complete.

The intent is for the book to help children separated from their families at the border to expand their imaginations beyond the walls that confine them and to be a source of empathy and compassion for families that live free of the struggles that migrant families are enduring.

All proceeds go directly to Families Belong Together.

Over 80 professional artists throughout the world contributed their time and talents to create the book. Their role as the artist was to envision a scene and detail the picture, while leaving an area for it to be completed by a child.

There was only one rule: there’s no lines or borders to color within.

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