Bonjour Camille (6-9yrs)
Bonjour Camille (6-9yrs)
Bonjour Camille (6-9yrs)
Bonjour Camille (6-9yrs)
Bonjour Camille (6-9yrs)
Bonjour Camille (6-9yrs)
Bonjour Camille (6-9yrs)

Bonjour Camille (6-9yrs)

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Bobo Choses has not only proved they are way ahead of the fashion curve with their brilliant clothing collection, they now have a book, Bonjour Camille, all about the girl who has inspired their Spring/Summer range!

It's Sunday morning, and Camille has so many things to do! From jumping on the bed (of course) to choosing a new favorite color, drawing faces on thousands of balloons, hiding all of the umbrellas, seeking out the unexpected on a map, and more, Camille teaches young readers the importance of being guided by a boundless imagination. Bold colors, graphic patterns, and expressive collage capture Camille's whirlwind of a morning, not to mention her uniquely expansive perspective. Children and adults alike will embrace this celebration of childhood's many delightful surprises.

On Sunday mornings, as soon as the sun comes out,
Camille opens her eyes and puts on her battledress:
a tutu and a top hat. She has so many things to do:

Jumping on the bed until her mummy says THAT’S ENOUGH!
Eating loads and loads of cherries.
Hiding all the umbrellas.
Choosing a new favorite color.
Giving names to the waves.
Asking the wind in a whispering voice to tell her a story.
Letting an ice-cream melt in her hand.
Drawing thousands of faces on thousands of balloons.
Yelling to the winter to go away.
Looking for something unexpected on a map...
But then Camille hears a voice from the other side of the door. Stop that jumping!



  • Hardcover : 32 pages
  • Reading age : 6 - 9 years
  • Dimensions : 6.5 x 0.5 x 8.5 inches

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