Bird (6-10yrs)

Bird (6-10yrs)

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Anything is possible when you believe. The moment is coming. Be ready. To start a new path, to grow up, to change, to rise to the occasion.

Bird is a stunning wordless picture book by Beatriz Martin Vidal, which brings us up to the moment of a child’s flight, as she launches into life and imagination takes off.

ages 6-10


  • Hardcover : 36 pages
  • Dimensions : 8.3 x 0.6 x 11.2 inches

    A 2016 TD Summer Reading Club Recommended Read!

    "This wordless picture book invites readers to make meaning of its mysterious characters’ flights...there’s ample beauty to behold. An (av)i(a)nvitation to wonder."
    _ ~Kirkus Reviews

    "Bird by Beatriz Martin Vidal (Simply Read books) is an unusual wordless picturebook which is unbelievably striking visually. The artwork is mainly rendered in grayscale tones apart from the odd touch of color. While many wordless books follow a linear narrative, it is not obvious with Bird (though the blurb hints at a metaphor for embracing one’s imagination) and this makes the narrative possibilities and interpretations endless. This can feel daunting to some adults, but this book is worth a look just for the beauty and lyricism of its artwork. And anyone admiring the illustrations for long enough will undoubtedly eventually find ‘their’ story."
    ~Library Mice blog

    "This open-ended, philosophical tale is brought to life with stunningly powerful yet muted portraits by Beatriz Martin Vidal and her distinct style of illustration plays a hugely powerful role in this book. A quirky and unusual picture book which appears to be addressing numerous themes, including migration, family and finding your roots, works across a hugely diverse audience. With subtle references to birds migrating and only a digital clock to carry you through the story, this book is great for children and adults alike, to explore. This story without words holds a thousand different meanings and unfurls as you want it to. You are the narrator to this special read. You determine where this mysterious tale will take you and the destiny of the lead character. Vidal’s artwork alone is reason to own this book and the limited palette of predominantly warm whites and greys make for truly inviting and dreamlike spreads."
    ~Picture Books Blogger

    "Beatriz Martin Vidal recently published a book with no words called Bird and, ironically, there are no words to describe it...The illustrations are absolutely exquisite-perhaps the best I have ever seen visually as well as evocatively. The most genius aspect of this book is that it allows the reader to come up with story after story in countless scenarios of how the little girl earned her wings, how she and the little boy know each other, and what it feels like to soar above the world. Okay, so I lied. There is one line of text on the back cover, 'let your imagination fly'...and it truly does with Bird.
    ~ McLean & Eakin Booksellers, Petoskey, Michigan

    About the Author

    Born in Valladolid, Spain. She studied at Salamanca's University where she obtained a Bachelor 's degree in Fine Arts and then she earned an Associate Degree in Illustration in Valladolid's Art School. She's worked as illustrator for six years, mainly for publishing houses. She has illustrated novels, tales and picture books and for six years and counting, and she's been working regularly in editorial illustration too. She's been selected for the annual exhibition of the New York Society of illustrators, and earned several prizes of comic and illustration. Her work has been published in several countries as Spain, Australia, Italy or Mexico. She published "Secrets", her first picture book both as author and illustrator with Lothian (Melbourne). Nowadays she's focusing in her work as author centered around picture books, as "Little Red" published by Logos (Modena).

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