Fisher Price Station Wagon


Back in 1960, Nifty the Station Wagon was the first Fisher-Price set to include the play family! Re-introduced, Nifty is shown in its original colors (who wouldn't want a wood-paneled station wagon instead of a minivan?) and includes 3 play figures (girl, boy, and dog). Roll it along or pull it with the attached string and watch as Nifty's eyes roll and the play figure in the back seat spins around. The top is removable to create a cool convertible! Measures 5"x 12"x 4.5". ~ Megan

Introduced in 1960, this was the 1st Fisher Price playset to include the Play Family! This iconic vehicle represents an important piece of history where the station wagon was a big part of every family's memories. The Nifty Station Wagon comes with 3 Play Family figures: Mom, Dad and puppy, push & pull play with a cord, rolling eyes, a spinning backseat and a removable top to transform into a convertible! Play with the figures inside or outside of the vehicle. Comes with Nifty the Station Wagon and 3 Play Family figures: Mom, Dad and Puppy.

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