Djeco Joy Bundle 4 : for teens to grown ups*


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The Djeco joy box for teens and grownups provides you are never too old to "play"! Quite frankly, its good for your mental health. Give your brain a break for a moment and reconnect with a different part of you. Take care, ask for help, lend a hand. 
  • Gallery Puzzles Arbracadabra    Tree of life or tree of inspiration, you decide. So much story-telling can happen in this puzzle. Roll out the enclosed poster and get puzzling with this 200 pc jigsaw.  
  •  Felt Tips Draw Fashion    Every future fashion designers tool kit! Learn to draw fashion and accessories on a variety of models. 8 felt tip pens, 1 pencil, 32 model pages, pattern and clothing templates, sticker accessories, and instructions.
  • Painting Japanese Scarf    Paint your silk scarf. A beautiful silk scarf has a special print to the fabric so paint stays inside the lines. No matter what colors you use the scarf will turn out beautiful.
  • Puzz'art Elephant - 150pcs    Puzz'art brings puzzling to a whole new level. A shaped jigsaw puzzle that also includes openings will certainly give you a challenge. Don't worry it's just 150pcs, you'll have it done before the kids wake up.
  • Scratch Cards Sunshine    There's something so satisfying about scratch cards, revealing a secret layer beneath the surface. For those who want to remain in control, there's an instruction booklet to follow or free style it, we won't tell.

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