shopping options! May 22 2020

So now that we are easing back into some in-person shopping let us just give you a quick run down of what we are allowed to do so that you can get the best experience while doing some limited shopping at our brick and mortar store. 

you have options! 

  • you can always shop on line and have your items shipped-we have lots of mailing options and they are all pretty fast so you will get your items ASAP.
  • you can order online and pick up your items at 248 Clement any time between 11-4 monday-saturday. if you are driving and don't want to park just give us a call and we will run your items out to you-just pull up and pop your trunk and we can place a bag in your car-no contact and maintaining social distancing. 
  • you can come down to the shop and we can sell you items at the door-we can't let you in unfortunately but we can grab things for you and ring you up at the door safely as long as you are wearing a face covering.
  • everyones safety is of utmost importance to us-we have hand sanitizer at the ready and face masks on.
  • we are always available at if you have any questions or if we can help you at all. also check @tantrumsf on Instagram for frequent updates and some goofy singing.
  • remember to wear a mask if you do come down to the shop and please be a little patient- everything takes a little bit longer now...but we are still gift wrapping and always happy to help.